What Is Limited Quantity in ADR?

When it comes to transporting dangerous goods, there are several ADR regulations and signs that drivers need to take into consideration. One of the most frequently used signs is the limited quantity label. At BseenBsafe, we stock two sizes of limited quantity labels, the smaller of the two for packages and the larger for vehicles, trailers, and containers But what are limited quantity goods and how important are limited quantity labels?


What does limited quantity mean?

Limited Quantitly Label Limited quality labels feature a white diamond-shaped with a black outline.

Limited quantity refers to any hazardous goods shipped in small containers and packed in boxes. Transporting dangerous materials in smaller quantities generally means less risk. While there's a chance regular dangerous goods labels won't be necessary, the goods still need to be identified with a limited quantity label.

For road (ADR) transport, all packaging group 1 dangerous goods are forbidden. Smaller quantities of packaging groups 2 and 3 substances can be transported as LQ.


How should LQ goods be packed?

Limited quantity substances are packed with a limited quantity label such as an LQ packaging label. According to limited quantity regulations for ADR transport, packages do not need to feature PSN, UN numbers or hazard warnings on the box. LQ labels now replace these marks.

The label indicates packaging shipped in accordance with these regulations. Limited quality labels need to be a diamond-shaped symbol that measures 100mm by 100mm. It features a white background and black outlines.


When should you use limited quantity labels?

There is a range of factors to consider before deciding whether hazardous materials can be shipped with limited quantity labels. This includes the type of substance, hazard class, the total weight of a package and the size of the inner receptacle.

You might need a limited quantity label for goods such as paints, adhesives, aerosols, and drain cleaners. Substances that have radioactive and explosive qualities are unlikely to be eligible because of their dangerous properties.

Weight is another important factor. You can apply limited quantity labels to boxes with an inner packaging weight of up to 5kg and an outer weight that does not exceed 30 kgs. The maximum weight for goods you are transporting on shrink-wrapped trays.20kgs is


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BseenBsafe are unable to advise you on which signs you need for your vehicles or packages; your Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor is able to support you with this. All of our products comply with the British Standard BS5609 and meet the compliance of all relevant safety registrations. For more information on our limited quality labels get in touch via the contact form.