Need A Quality First Aid Kit For Your Vehicle?

Every vehicle should also include a first aid kit which can be used to treat injuries and provide support in the event of an accident. It could provide crucial assistance before the ambulance arrives, especially when it comes to stopping bleeding. 

A life can literally be saved when you have the correct first-aid training along with the right equipment. 

BseenBsafe look to be your number one choice for safety equipment, haz-chemical signs, dangerous goods vehicle labels and ADR driver kits. Our wide range of products include this First Aid Kit which comes in two different sizes and contains everything you need for an emergency.

This First Aid Kit is small enough to fit into a glove box or storage compartment and conforms to the British Standard BS8599-2-2014. The standard was developed  by BSI (British Standard Institute) with the aim of improving safety for all UK motorists by having vehicles equipped with the necessary medical supplies to tread roadside injuries by those at the scene first.  

Our kits include a wide range of items, including burn dressings, foil blankets, wound dressings, waterproof plasters, triangular bandages, wipes, pairs of gloves, and a first air emergency leaflet.

It’s important to check an first aid kit regularly to ensure it still has everything necessary to support your staff.

We promise the most competitive prices for all our products. If you need more information, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.