Where To Buy ADR Compliant Vehicle Fire Extinguishers

Ensuring your vehicle complies with the relevant section of the ADR regulations will be vital when carrying dangerous goods. The moment that you fail to have the correct type of quantity on board is the moment that something happens, or you are pulled over by the authorities. A vehicle fire extinguisher is an important tool for any vehicle transporting hazardous substances and can help to avert danger quickly and effectively. Dependent on the size of vehicle, a different requirement is in place, and it is important that this is followed correctly by choosing the right size and product.

At BseenBsafe we have become a leading supplier of necessary vehicle equipment that varies from ADR safety kits through to ADR-compliant spill kits. We are also able to offer a wide range of vehicle fire extinguishers and holders which vary in size to ensure that you have the right combination for your specific needs.

Why should you choose BseenBsafe for your vehicle fire extinguishers?

Our work is framed by our compliance with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s (UNECE) requirements that have been adopted by Health & Safety Executive (HSE). When you visit our online store of vehicle safety equipment, you will find an array of products that are suited to the industry and the requirements of every type of vehicle.  

If you are looking for ADR vehicle fire extinguishers that can help you stay within legislation and give you peace of mind on the road, choose BseenBsafe. Get in contact with us to discuss your specific needs and which extinguisher is right for your vehicle.