Order A Breakdown Triangle At An Affordable Price

When you have a breakdown, you want to be prepared to alert other drivers immediately, especially if your vehicle carries dangerous goods. A breakdown triangle is the easiest way to do this and should be placed behind your vehicle on the same side of the road. ADR regulations do not specify a distance from the broken down vehicle the triangles should be placed however, the Highway code states a distance of 45 Meters and German regulations state 100 and 200 meters on an Autobahn and 50 and 100 meters on all other roads.

It is an ADR requirement to have two self-standing warning triangles, or other similar warning devices, for each of your vehicles. This law applies in most European countries including Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and Austria.

Although ADR does not state the type of warning triangle, there is another specification that covers the design and manufacture of triangles this is UNECE27R'. This has efficient outer red reflex reflectors for night and fog use, and an inner fluorescent orange 'daytime' triangle. This regulation covers ‘The Adoption of Uniform Technical Prescriptions for Wheeled Vehicles, Equipment and Parts which can be Fitted and/or be Used on Wheeled Vehicles and the Conditions for Reciprocal Recognition of Approvals Granted on the Basis of these Prescriptions’

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BseenBsafe Ltd have a range of ADR equipment which is designed for commercial vehicles.  Our products include our Reflective Self-Standing Warning Triangles, manufactured to the UNECE27R standard, along with all ADR kits which include two breakdown triangles and a wide range of other items.

This Reflective Self-Standing Triangle is available in quantities of 1-9 and priced £6.00 and less. Since it’s collapsible, it’s easy to store away when not in use. It easily fits into a storage case and won’t take up unnecessary space in your vehicle. You can easily slip it into the glove box or the boot if preferred.

With a sturdy four-footed design, it will remain standing even in windy weather. Available from as low as £4.80, they’re suitable for companies on any budget.

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