Need To Order Fully Compliant ADR Equipment

No matter what class of dangerous goods you carry, BseenBsafe can help your users remain safe and easily warn other road users of any hazards.

BseenBsafe are trusted suppliers of the best quality ADR equipment, including both complete kits and individual items such as fire extinguishers, respirators that meet the ADR requirements, warning triangles and much more. Whether you require suitable wheel chocks that are the correct size for your vehicles, self-standing warning triangles or eye-rinsing liquids, you’ll find what you need on our website.

All our products have been selected to protect the user and they meet all the necessary regulations while being extremely competitively priced. For example, our ADR kits start from only £41.65.

What is ADR exactly?

Introduced in 1957, this treaty states that without exception any vehicle carrying dangerous goods must have the correct packaging and labels, along with the right equipment to protect drivers and other road users in event of an accident.

Whether you transport flammable liquids or solids, explosive substances, radioactive materials or organic peroxides, you must have the correct ADR equipment no matter what class of dangerous goods you specialise in. 

All our ADR equipment meets the requirements set out by the United Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) that’s been adopted by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

For more information, explore our collection of ADR equipment.