Need To Order Flammable Labels?

If you regularly transport flammable liquids, solids or gases, BseenBsafe Ltd can help you meet all the necessary guidelines.

BseenBsafe Ltd have many highly affordable labels for dangerous goods. All labels are printed on high quality self-adhesive medium and meet all the necessary regulations.

Our products include rolls of 250 diamond-shaped labels which are ideal if you have multiple packages that contain flammable goods or single sheets of 250 x 250 mm labels that are suited for containers and vehicle trailers.

Designed for dangerous goods of Class 2.1 flammable gas and Class 2.2 non toxic non flammable gas, Class 3 flammable liquids, these stickers comply with BS:5609 standards, the British Standard which ensures labels remain legible and attached after 3 months of immersion.

Whether you’re transporting your flammable goods by air, sea or road, these tough and eye-catching labels will last the distance. Our flammable labels meet the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code), an accepted internationally recognised guideline for the safe transportation of hazardous materials or dangerous goods by water.

We also have Vehicle Labels for Class 4.1 Flammable Solids which are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Self-adhesive with an easy peel packing, these stickers have high resolution printing, so images are crisp and clear.

For more information, explore our range of flammable labels today.