Need To Order Dangerous Goods Signs?

Do you regularly transport dangerous goods and need to label your vehicle or container?

BseenBsafe Ltd have a range of transport safety products that include labels and signs for the transportation of dangerous goods, to warn other road users of the contents of your vehicle. All our dangerous goods vehicle labels are tested to BS:5609 standards and sold in single sheets of 250 mm x 250 mm.

Printed on self-adhesive vinyl, these labels meet all the requirements of the transport regulations for air, sea and road.

Whether you’re transporting non-toxic, non-flammable gas, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, or environmentally hazardous substances, BseenBsafe can help track down the right signs for your vehicle. All products are super-tough. For example, our cargo labels will remain legible even when immersed in sea water for three months.

Among our range of dangerous goods labels is this Vehicle Label for Class 3 Flammable Liquid which complies with IATA, IMDG, ADR and RID international legislation and is manufactured from very high quality materials. Class 3 flammable liquids are those with a flash point of not more than 60 °C  or any material in a liquid phase with a flash point at or above 37.8 °C that is intentionally heated.

All our labels meet the requirements of transport regulations, are self-adhesive and have an easy peel backing.

If you need to order dangerous goods signs for vehicles, simply explore our labels today.