Need To Order A Vehicle First Aid Kit?

Do you need to order motorist’s First Aid Kits? 

Although the UK's roads have the best record for safety of those in any European country, accidents are still extremely common.

What happens, it’s crucial to be prepared so you can deal with both injuries inside or outside of your vehicle. Whether your team suffer from burns, cuts or any other type of wound, our first aid kits will enable you to act quickly before the emergency services arrive, which can make the difference.

BseenBsafe Ltd provides a huge choice of ADR equipment that includes Vehicle First Aid Kits available in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

Your first aid equipment will come in a handy nylon bag that can easily be stored in the glove box or storage compartment of your lorry or van. It includes a leaflet to help you use all the equipment inside.

These kits conform to BS8599-2-2014, the British Standard designed to improve the available equipment vehicles have to deal with emergency situations, whether it’s a crash or chemical spill.

Whether you require this type of kit for a truck, company vehicle, car or van, BseenBsafe Ltd can ensure you’re prepared for any emergency.

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