Hazchem Plates At Competitive Prices

Whatever dangerous goods you transport, we’re dedicated to helping you to be safe and compliant 

We have a wide range of Hazchem related safety products to choose from, all of which are approved by the ADR regulations.

Among our collection is a range of vehicle ADR plates which are manufactured in Europe. Made in reflective orange they in various configurations including folding, self-adhesive, magnetic, solid panels and holders. Highly durable, these Hazchem plates should last for years to come.

Along with orange plates for hazardous chemicals, we have Folding LQ Plates which should be displayed on all vehicles carrying more than 8,000 kilos of dangerous goods in limited qualities (one sign is required on the front and rear from January 2011, unless the vehicle is carrying dangerous goods and therefore needs an orange plate).

Since it’s made of aluminium it won’t rust and it comes with toggle clasps to hold it in place. Since the plate is permanently attached to the vehicle, it can’t be stolen or become misplaced.

Highly durable, these Hazchem plates provide you with all the marking options needed for any vehicle and application.

We also have a massive choice of signs and labels to choose from. For more information on any of our products, simply get in touch today.