Excellent Prices For ADR Approved Fire Extinguishers

As you’ll be aware, fire is dangerous in any situation but on the road the hazardous can become magnified with a significant amount combustible material in close proximity. Only recently there was a fire near Bristol Airport which caused a closure of the road. Elsewhere huge delays were caused by a fire in Devon which caused two miles of queues and were extremely hazardous to other road users. 

Fire extinguishers are a must for any vehicle carrying dangerous goods. The minimum requirement when carrying dangerous goods is 2 x 2 Kilogram Dry Powder Extinguishers.

All our fire extinguishers are manufactured in the European Union to the requirements of BS EN3 and CE marked.

Our powder fire extinguishers are suitable or class A, B and C fires in offices, commercial premises and industrial premises. They are highly effective against petrol and volatile liquids, making them ideal for vehicle protection.

BseenBsafe Ltd has three sizes of ADR approved fire extinguishers: 2 Kg, 6 KG and 9 KG. We also have fire extinguisher boxes to keep your extinguisher secure.  All our ABC Powder fire extinguishers are quality kitemark certified to BS EN3.

We also have all kinds of other ADR equipment, including mask respirators, eyewash liquid, self-standing warning triangles and much more.

Browse our range of ADR approved fire extinguishers today.