Affordable Fire Extinguishers For Your Vehicle

Does the fire extinguisher on your vehicle need replacing?

BseenBsafe Ltd offer a wide range of products to keep your vehicle safe at all times and look to be your leading supplier of safety equipment and labelling for the transportation of hazardous goods.

If your vehicle needs a fire extinguisher, BseenBsafe Ltd can supply dry powder fire extinguishers that meet all the European Union requirements of EN3 and are CE kitemarked.

Fires are obviously one of the most dangerous outcomes in event of a vehicle crash or chemical spill. The ability to deal with it quickly and efficiently is essential.

It’s an ADR requirement that any vehicle carrying dangerous goods has a fire extinguisher, and the capacity depends on the scale of the vehicle and the volume of dangerous goods being carried. Vans and small vehicles usually have a 2KG dry powder fire extinguisher while commercial vehicles require one larger like our 6KG Fire Extinguisher.

Powder dry fire extinguishers can serve multiple purposes, being capable of putting out A, B and C fires. These kinds of fire extinguishers work by removing heat from the fire, cutting off the fuel of oxygen and smothering the flames.

Our fire extinguishers are also suitable for offices, commercial premises and industrial premises. For more information, simply get in touch with our team today.